The Politics of Fear

The Tories Call It Nationalism, It Is In Fact Fear

Under the leadership of Prime Minister David Cameron we have seen the Conservative party secure it’s first majority government since it’s crushing defeat in the 1997 General


David Cameron, PM ~ Getty Images

election.  The shock result that not only saw the Tories getting the all-important majority, but also became the death-knell of the Liberal Democrats, forever tainted by the accusation that they had sold their principles in order to obtain power.


It was a result that no one had predicted.  Every political pundit, every poll, and a long line of politicians and political correspondents were wheeled on and off our screens telling us that it was going to be another hung parliament;  that no party would have a majority.  Secret talks had been held by stooges of the main players.  Leaders announced red lines in their negotiations that were non-negotiable.  It was a right political punch-up, with a presumptuous Nick Clegg, Lib Dem leader absolutely ruling out working with Labour leader Gordon Brown.

However, it soon became apparent in the early hours of the morning, as counts began to mount up in favour of the Conservatives that we were heading for a result for which no one was perpared.

That included our chancellor George Osborne.  He had never expected to be in the position of actually having to implement the budget as had been set-out in the Conservative manifesto.  He’d fallen in to the trap of having faith in the pollsters.  Suddenly his wildly optimistic assertions that he could erradicate the deficit within the parliament could no longer, when it failed, as he was sure it would, be blamed on the Liberal Democrats.  So figures were massaged downwards, projections were stretched out in to the future, as he sentenced our children and grand-children to years of debt.  However, with Nick the Bogeyman having slunk off to the back-benches, Osborn needed a new Laurel to his Hardy – and so the old Victorian favourite, the ‘undeserving poor’ became the Tory party’s new kicking boy.

George Osborne told the country, ‘We’re all in it together!’ and then proceeded to give the rich a well-deserved reduction in tax, whilst systematically dismantling the welfare state.  Osborne was joined by Mr Teflon, Iain Duncan Smith, who made Oliver Twist’s Mr Bumble look like Mother Theresa.  IDS is not interested in making the system ‘fair,’ as he claims; he is not even trying to save the exchequer money.  No, Mr Duncan Smith is an ideologist.  This has become self-evident in the recent High Court ruling regarding the legality of the so-called spare room supplement, where thousands of families living in social housing are being penalised for under-occupancy.  One Tory minister complained ‘My two boys have to share a bedroom, so why should someone in a council house have rooms they don’t need?’  However, as the legal costs of the governments appeals soars above the projected savings, it is apparent that it is principle that drives IDS, the cloak of austerity has fallen away to reveal the less than pretty face of a man on a mission to demonise the sick, disabled, those suffering with mental health problems, refugees, the low-paid, low-income families, council house tenants, who were saddled with the economic mess left in the wake of bank fraud on an industrial scale.  It is no coincidence that hate crime against those singled out by the Conservative party has increased by over 12%.

Now Cameron has turned his attention to the ‘bunch of migrants,‘ that are fleeing some of the worst atrocities seen since WWII.  With so-called ISIS threatening hundreds of thousands of people, governments executing its own civilians and a famine which is threatening the lives of millions of people across Africa, the Tories main concern is that they don’t end up on our shores, claiming our benefits, living in our houses, going to our schools and generally making the place look untidy.  However, if you a multi-millioire or better still a billionaire then Britain PLC is very much open for business.  Most of London is now owned by the super-rich Middle East royal families; our top football teams are presided over by Russians and other foreign nationals; nothing is sacred, not when you worship the green God! 


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