Governments Ignore E-Petitions At Their Peril!

Jeremy Hunt e-petitiono-JEREMY-HUNT-facebookWith thousands of people already feeling dislocated and uninterested in the political process, the rise in popularity of the e-petition system should be a cause for celebration.  The internet has become the first port-of-call for a host of interest groups, charities, journalists and individuals to highlight issues as diverse as hospital closures to tax laws.  Campaigners use social-media to attract the attention of the public and to generate a political response.  However, with the government seemingly paying lip-service to the process, it is quickly becoming just another tool that the Tories use to bat away difficult issues.  A short debate by a handful of MPs in one of the Commons debating chambers is hardly the realisation of the aim of giving ordinary voters a real input and some ownership of the political process.  The danger of course is that as people begin to realise the fairly pointless outcome that they will once again lose interest in participating, with the negative knock-on-effect that this will have on the issues that impact all of us.


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