40 ways that Gove, Hunt, Osborne & IDS wasted £34 billion of your taxes

via 40 ways that Gove, Hunt, Osborne & IDS wasted £34 billion of your taxes.


The government under Prime Minister David Cameron and his chancellor George Osborne has since its re-election in 2015, overseen a period of austerity the likes of which have not been seen for generations.  The Tory party having achieved the victory no one predicted have thrown themselves in to an ideological crusade that has seen huge swathes of national and local government services transferred from public control in to the hands of private companies.  In addition much of what central government was responsible for is now devolved down to local government, who were more than eager to take ever greater control of services and budgets, which were often provided by them and delivered to their residents.  It would appear that very few realised that they had instead of a big old mug of control to drink from, they had happily snatched a poisoned chalice from a grateful Tory government.  You see with control comes responsibility, in accepting all of these exciting new responsibilities, they had completely failed to consider how they would operate those services in the event that budgets which were controlled by Chancellor George Osborne were slashed.

It is indeed indicative of the Tory government – as from the moment the gained overall control of Parliament that they have very cleverly found a new scape-goat after loosing Nick Clegg, they’ve simply gone from blaming one man/party, to blaming anyone other than themselves.  In the case of Iain Duncan Smith (IDS) he has repeatedly blamed failures on external companies who have had the unenviable task of implementing some of the most draconian policies since the Victorian era.  The NHS has suffered a period of failing health and is now seen as critical by those who work within it and those who use it on a daily basis.  Indeed the very people who are at the core of providing many of our NHS services, the junior doctors are so appalled by the crisis that they have come out on strike in defiance of new contracts that are to be imposed by Jeremy Hunt the Health Secretary.

None of this however is going to deter our political masters from reducing our national and local government institutions down to the absolute lowest denominator – austerity is simply the mask behind which they stir the cauldron of ideology.  It’s not about living within our means, or of reducing the deficit; it’s about transferring assets in to the hands of individuals who then go on to squeeze expenditure to increase profit; it’s about relinquishing responsibility whilst maintaining a firm grip on the purse strings.

So, to costs!  Putting aside the very real cost in human terms that is having a dramatic effect upon social groups including children, the poor, the sick and disabled, amongst many others, there is also a very real financial cost.  To see the extent that George Osborne is prepared to fund this ideology, take a look at the following link :-

Money Wasted on Tory PoliciesDavid-Cameron-Getty-v3


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