Looking Forward To Summer

We’re finally coming to the end of February, and after a pretty grey, but uneventful Winter, we can finally begin to look forward to longer days, and perhaps the promise of a little more Sun light.  Yes I’ve probably just gone and put the kibosh on a good Summer, but there we go, I’ve gone and tempted fate.

It’s amazing how the changes in daylight can affect us in ways that often go un-noticed or ignored.  Our mood can be drastically lifted ably demonstrated by those who suffer from SAD (seasonal affective disorder).  Energy levels increase, our body increases the rate at which certain chemicals are produced, for example vitamin D.  It really is no wonder that the ancients saw the seasons as an integral part of our life-cycles to be taken account of.  It is often only too easy in today’s 24 hour, instant gratification junkie lifestyles, for us to forget that it isn’t natural for us to be eating fresh strawberries in December, or that before the introduction of dependable lighting that darkness prohibited the usual daytime activities.  With many school children during the Winter months now going to school and leaving school in darkness, it doesn’t sometimes hurt to just remember that we don’t exist outside of nature.

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