Project Fear v Cloud Cuckoo Land

If The EU Debate Has Proven Anything, It’s That The Tory Government Is Suffering From Schizophrenia!

As widely anticipated, the EU Referendum debate has quickly degenerated in to a good old Westminster bun fight.  Traditional party lines have been hurriedly rubbed out, as we see brother attack brother and old enemies cuddled up in the back of smoky cinemas eagerly plotting the rise of a completely independent England.  Well might David Cameron warn that leaving the European Union is tantamount to jumping out of an aeroplane before checking you’ve got your parachute on.  Indeed Theresa May has told us that in the interests of our security it is vital to remain part of the Union.  The only trouble is, is that the very same exponents of the Remain Campaign have been the very ones who have continually criticized the bureaucratic, federalist, money pit.  They’ve accused it of being responsible for the ‘migrant crisis’ when in fact we’re dealing with refugees fleeing war torn countries in a bid to keep their families alive.


David Cameron has stood at the dispatch box regularly denouncing the EU for meddling in national decisions, demanding we reclaim our sovereignty.  The only thing missing from his recent European Tour was the gaggle of groupies and the photo opportunities missed with him and BFF President Hollande posing in hoodies.  What David Cameron has failed to realise is that in suddenly becoming the EU’s poshest cheerleader, he’s graphically exposed the long-running Tory bluff.  The EU has simply been used as the Tory scapegoat.  It is the complete insincerity and lack of respect for the electorate that could well end up seeing us not only leaving the EU, but threatens the union between England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The Conservative party has imploded into open warfare  with Iain Duncan Smith leading the charge against his political master, accusing the government of being un-constitutional .  The two men who until recently have been tearing up our Welfare system whilst quietly trying to drop collecting and publishing child poverty data are now like a pair of cocks in the ring, scratching and pecking away at each other.  IDS has even begun to question whether as a result it will be possible for the government to come together again once the referendum has taken place and work with each other, such is the level of animosity.

Cameron’s repeated assertion that he will be standing down as party leader before the next General Election has only resulted in polarising those leadership hopefuls in to turning the EU referendum debate in to a spring board from which they can launch their cameron-johnson-osbornebids for the top job.  Bruiser boy Boris Johnson made another of his famous entrances as he told the World that David Cameron’s Special Status amounted to little more than crumbs, so infuriating his old school pal that Cameron singled him out for an especially acidic jibe during the PM’s statement to the house.  Boris is seen as a loose cannon, adored by the general membership of the Tory party, but not so popular with his fellow tory parliamentarians.  It’s no surprise the boy wonder, George Osborne who has always had a deficit when it comes to charisma is looking over his shoulder at Boris, but has Johnson backed the wrong runner?  His cynical decision to join the Leave Campaign is undoubtedly the beginning of his leadership campaign, but his gamble may well see him shunted on to the sidings.

However, the winner in the ‘Political Hypocrite’ award has to be Iain Duncan Smith.  For a politician who has built his reputation upon fear, his outright fury at the Prime Minister over the way in which the Remain Campaign are capitalising on the public’s reticence of jumping in to the unknown is breathtaking.  In his ideological attack on the Welfare State, IDS has continually reinforced the perception that poverty, sickness, disabilities and un-employment are life choices.  Those on welfare choose not to contribute, they are lazy, feckless, and his answer to these problems is to force many thousands of families further in to poverty in the hope that they’ll either get to a point where they are literally starved in to work no matter what the consequences or for those who simply have no fight left with which to fight can shuffle off this mortal coil (out of sight and out of mind).  The media in the main have happily followed the governments lead, producing programmes that further marginalise the poor, disproportionately focus on stories of benefit fraud which accounts for around 0.8%  of the Welfare budget,  with tax evasion 15 times larger.

The Tories just about managed to scrape their way back in to government in 2015 largely on the back of an election that radiated fear and saw the effects of Tory policies shifted on to the shoulders of the Liberal Democrats .  We can not trust Labour with the economy we were warned, it will be a return to high taxes and ever growing deficits.  We were told that immigration would go througtumblr_nm7008b0a81qjjck0o1_1280h the roof and that our very security would be put at risk.  In hindsight the coalition that preceded the Tory majority was an essential part of their journey back in to complete control.  Nick Clegg and the Lib Dem’s desire for a shot at power became their sole focus, as one Libe Dem policy after another was ditched.  It was this betrayal together with the Tories strategy of conveniently blaming them for some of their more brutal policies that saw them loose 49 of their 57 seats.

 In the current climate where refugees are regularly characterised both by politicians and the media as migrants, where a rise in nationalistic and far right ideologies is being seen, it is unsurprising that few are brave enough to predict the outcome of the referendum.  The true Project Fear will begin if and when the United Kingdom decides to leave the European Union.  The thought that whichever party is in power will have free reign to implement whatever policy, irrespective of the consequences, without the safe guards our membership of the EU gives is a terrifying prospect.  uk_flag The implications of a vote to leave would many believe be the catalyst that also sees the break up of the United Kingdom, with Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland likely to want to remain part of the EU.  Indeed far from being the answer to our future, it is one enormous jump backwards.  As the World becomes smaller, and as countries learn that working together is the only answer to questions of global importance such as climate change, the UK will be setting itself apart, in the misguided assumption that we always know best.


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