A Broken Political System

POLITICS – It’s Crunch Time

No one will ever look back on 2015 and remember a bland year, full of the usual bland statements, empty promises and occasional tabloid stings to sex up the British political scene.  No, 2015 will be seen as the year that finally wrenched free the grasp on power by a political elite who’s apparent main aim was to secure themselves as much as possible whilst at the same time as imposing truly draconian cuts to millions of the most vulnerable people in our society.  It is becoming increasingly difficult for us to hold up our system as anything like the democratic wonder we have bought in to, not that we’ve ever really had true democracy, ours is a capitalist system, and yes, there’s definitely a difference!

So in this tumultuous year, we’ve seen a Conservative government still reeling from the shock of being elected by a majority, even such a small one, who had over the past 3 decades spent 90% of their time painting the European Union as nothing short of demonic.  Their credibility once they attempted to weakly praise the EU’s benefits, together with a botched bid to change the treaties and all done with the finesse of a drunken ballet dancer failed to convince voters.  In response, those very voters went to the polls and delivered what can only be described as a political black-eye to a stunned political elite, who seemed to be drowning in the mire of the Brexit vote, unable to comprehend the result, and completely unable to comprehend the reality that lay behind it.

Very quickly Brexit started taking its first victims.  David Cameron, the PR, silver tongued, Teflon coated Prime Minister, who had made the EU debate central to his premiership fell on his, none too clean sword.  He was very hastily followed by a now isolated chancellor, who was told in no uncertain terms that his services were no longer required, thank you very much!  For those responsible for the Brexit win, at least, in the minds of many Tory MP’s, can hardly gloat in the glory of their victory.  Theresa May, yet another un-elected Prime Minister, has cleverly placed those she blames for the whole catastrophe, namely the comic book duo that is Boris Jo and David Davis responsible for negotiating our exit and extricating us from the myriad of links that our EU membership has created.  A poison chalice if ever there was.

However, the brick that the electorate threw in to the stagnant pond that is Westminster will have much longer and far reaching consequences for the way the UK is governed.  It appears that a somewhat reticent electorate have finally woken up.  Until recently they’ve happily swallowed the underlying message that the UK must live within its means.  That our current financial mess was largely due to an influx of “migrants” or as David Cameron himself described them as a “swarm”, and that there was a high proportion of people who were very comfortably scrounging off the rest of society by claiming benefits that only encouraged them in their lazy lifestyles.  The very fact that it was a fraudulent banking system where untouchable brokers bet without impunity that brought the whole thing crashing down around us, was lost in the fog of dis-information.  We are seeing real cuts to essential services such as the NHS, the Police & Armed services, whilst Mark Carney, the Governor of the Bank of England has recently announced yet another tranche of quantitative easing   is pumped in to the banking sector.

People are now no longer willing to just look the other way, whilst they carry on regardless.  This is largely due now to the fact that unless you’re very comfortably rich, the chances are that at some point you will personally be affected by the inherent unfairness of the system.  With care of the elderly, failing hospitals, a lack of affordable housing, the mismanagement that one government after another has done is truly horrific.  If they had sat down right back in the beginning and said, “Now, what’s the best way we can come up with to completely drag this country down in to the gutter?” they couldn’t have done a more effective job!

However, the is now the dawning of hope.  The first flecks of light are appearing on the horizon, as a re-awakened electorate are beginning to realise that they truly do hold the power, and are now looking for leadership that offers a more inclusive, moral and fair way in which this country can be governed.

Step forward Jeremy Corbyn, who until recently had sat on Labours back benches for the majority of his career.  Perhaps not the man who immediately jumps to mind when thinking of a leader.  However, his qualities of having core beliefs and values that he isn’t afraid to express together with a willingness to at least discuss differences and seek consensus, may well serve us far better than those of more media savvy, Teflon coated MPs, who happily sway which ever way the wind is blowing.  There probably isn’t such a thing as the perfect leader or Prime Minister, but one thing is absolutely crystal clear, people have finally had enough, and unless the political class that purports to represent them, starts taking notice, their political careers will come to an abrupt end.


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