Cautionary Note for the Parliamentary Labour Party


Jeremy Corbyn, MP and Dr Evil

Since Jeremy Corbyn, MP was elected the Leader of the Labour party, we’ve had the rather obvious and equally expected deluge of accusations from the Conservative party, with David Cameron, PM leading the way.  Corbyn has been labelled a ‘threat to national security‘, ‘terrorist sympathiser‘, ‘anti-business’ and when it comes to running the economy, we are told that we would see a return to the bad old days of borrowing.  However, in all of this the Tories are completely ignoring the facts, which given the evidence isn’t surprising, but it is hypocritical beyond belief.  Corbyn has been roundly criticized for having talks with certain people/groups that were categorised as terrorists, when as has been proven, the Thatcher government were conducting secret discussions with the IRA.  Don’t think for a moment that I am condemning such actions, I fully accept that bombs and bullets do not make agreements, peace talks and negotiations do!  However, David Cameron’s continual assertion that this makes Corbyn a ‘terrorist sympathiser’ is particularly offensive.  David Cameron makes a big-deal out of the special relationship his party has with the business and commercial sectors, but in reality he is the leader who will go down in history as being the Prime Minister who brought us to the cliff-edge that is Brexit.  Very few business leaders predict that leaving the EU would have a positive effect on our economy, in fact, quite the reverse, the mere possibility of a vote to leave sends them in to a blind panic.  It may be true that under Mr Cameron the large multi-national companies like Google have done exceedingly well, but the picture for many is far bleaker.  Farmers are finding it increasingly difficult to stay in business as large supermarkets drive down prices to maintain customer bases.  Our public services have seen cuts and restrictions that have seen thousands of job losses, whilst budget cuts are impacting private companies contracted by local authorities.  One can hardly call the Conservatives pro-business any longer.  As for running the economy, we have seen George Osborne, MP Chancellor of the Exchequer continually down-grade his projections, with the National Debt climbing at a truly unbelievable rate of £5,170 per second.  So they can hardly claim that they are protecting us, our children and grandchildren to a future of debt.

However, it is not merely the Tories that are doing their bit to damage Jeremy Corbyn.  Indeed it is a mark of the Tories fear that Corbyn actually represents the majority of people in this country that is fuelling their campaign of dirty tricks.  However, we are also seeing a concerted effort on the part of several of the Parliamentary Labour Party to oust their new leader.  A leader it should be remembered who achieved a ringing endorsement from the members of the Labour Party.  It is their reluctance to work with Jeremy, their inability to see the bigger picture that is most damaging.  They have in short forgotten why they are in Parliament.  They are there to represent the views and interests of you and I.  By their complete lack of respect for the democracy not only of the Labour party, but also of its members and the country at large, they are threatening the best chance the Labour party has had of winning a general election since David Cameron helped move Gordon Brown out of Downing Street.  However, the one thing above all else that does get the attention of the Parliamentary party is the possibility of losing their seats.  So perhaps it is time that we sent another loud and clear message to those sitting on the opposition benches, that it is us who ultimately decide who represents us!

So the question is who is the real ‘threat to national security‘ ?  Is it the man who considers it madness to spend billions of pounds on a nuclear deterrent that no sane individual would ever contemplate using; or, is it the man who’d gamble your future on the backs of multi-national companies, stock markets and banking executives ?


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